Monday, July 13, 2015

Yay! It's blog hop day!
And I'm giving away Books!

I'm excited for visitors to my blog and I'll contribute to the party by giving prizes! If you would, please like my Facebook page, I would be grateful. Also, if you'd like to sign up for my Newsletter, you will receive one free book of your choosing from my backlist. All you have to do is leave me a comment here with the e-mail address you'd like the book to be sent to, your choice of which ebook you'd like and what format you would prefer. I can do Kindle and ePub files.

I have posted for your reading pleasure an excerpt of one of my paranormal romance stories, Bunny and the Grizzly Bear. Enjoy and thanks for visiting my blog! The synopsis for this book... 
  Carson is a Grizzly Bear shifter.
              He gets dosed with a powerful aphrodisiac drug and
dropped off naked in Bunny's neighborhood...
              Bunny the rabbit shifter just wants to help him in his time of need...
              Carson is also an undercover agent with United Shifter's Alliance...
              She's just an innocent bystander bunny...
              Neither counted on falling in love...
And without further ado... The Excerpt
“What about you. Are you in danger?”
I level an expectant look on him, silently demanding an answer.
“Only from being talked to death.”
“Oh don’t be such a grumpy bear!” I click my tongue at him. Gave him a good frown. Scolded, “You represent bear shifters and the United Shifters Alliance. Do you really want to give the impression that all bears who are also agents of the Alliance are grumps?”
His shoulders flinch and he squints at me sidelong. Wariness wafts from him to my nose, pungent. Did I mention bunnies have superior sniffers?
“Let’s get you dry.” I pull a towel from the linen closet. Give my grumpy bear a forgiving smile. Hop behind him. Praise while I pat him dry, “Such wide shoulders! And your skin just glows! May I ask what soap you use? Most commercial soaps dry my skin so badly, I have to use a special made bar that’s so expensive! But I can add any scent I want, which is very nice. My current bar is lavender. Do you think it smells good?”
I round his side as I finish speaking and thrust one hand up to his nose. He blinks down at it, then stares me in the eye. “You’re an odd duck.”
I gasp as outrage blows a frigid wind through me. I puff my chest and open my mouth. Out comes a bellow, “I’m a bunny, not a duck!”
“It’s a figure of speech,” he bellows back and wowsa, but he packs a wallop. I touch my hair to be sure it isn’t blowing in the wind of his impressive breath control! I really need to work on my bellow if his can blow mine out of the water in such a dramatic fashion. And oh, boy howdy, did my vajayjay sit up and take notice. Such dominance!
“Oh.” Lips pursed, I gaze studiously to the side. Mustn't reveal my hand too soon in the game. “Well then.”
“My apologies,” he says stiffly. “You startled me.”
“Oh no, don’t apologize!” I wave a hand. Heap the guilt. “Entirely my fault. I shouldn’t have jumped to conclusions.”

That's it... Thanks for visiting!


  1. Your excerpt definitely made me smile, thank you :) Good choice for a blog hop :D
    Tasha's Thinkings | Wittegen Press

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Jolie, and thank you for hosting it!

  3. something tells me this is full a laughs and she will be quite the handful

    1. Thanks Michelle, Bunny is indeed a handful for Carson but he enjoys it. :)

  4. The bunny shifter "jumped to conclusions." Lol. Great excerpt!

    1. Thanks Ani, glad you enjoyed the excerpt! :)

  5. Great excerpt! Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thanks Jessica, and thank you for visiting!