Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Willow Madison and True Choices! 5 Bleeping Stars!

True Choices (True, #3)True Choices by Willow Madison
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Another winner from Willow Madison. 5 bleeping stars!

In this book, the third in the series, we see Lucy punished more and become even more immersed in the life that Max offers her. I feel bad for Lucy at times but ultimately, she is where she wants to be. It’s as simple as that. And I want her to stay with Max, too, cuz I love me some Max!

This isn’t a sweet book but it had its moments. I could feel that Max adored Lucy, I really could even though he was a right bastid. What is it about Max that I both love and hate? I feel horrible for him because I think he has a darkness inside him that consumes him at times. He is so controlling, I can’t help but think maybe with therapy, he could still be the dominant Alpha but a much more at peace dominant Alpha.

But this book isn’t about the way Max would be with therapy. It’s about Max as he is and it offers an intimate look into the mind of a man who carries darkness within like a shroud. I can’t help but think he’s going to go off the rails one day and truly hurt Lucy even though he doesn’t want to hurt her. His control is only as good as his ability to leash his darkness.

This isn’t a book that you’ll close and skip away never to think about it again or if you do, its with a fondness that has you smiling. No, this book will rip your guts out and put them in a pretty box. This is a book that will have you squirming but for all the ‘right’ reasons, haha. This is a book that will haunt your memory for years to come because it’s just that good.

I would say this book is a romance but it’s a very dark romance between two people, both of whom are in love with the other, but that love may not be healthy. For pure reading pleasure, I adore this series. I adore Max. I want to hug him and get him into therapy, but I still love him.

And that is the mark of a great author, in my opinion.

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