Saturday, January 7, 2017

A couple of new releases. Forbidden Taste and Punishing Little Honor. Both are part of a series but they can be read as standalone.

Forbidden Taste

Jericho: As the man of the house, I tried to do the honorable thing. I really did. I told myself she was too young. Too innocent. And I was a dirty old man for even looking. I was able to refuse, but a man can only take so much temptation before he has to have a taste of the forbidden...

Rose: I tried seducing him. I paraded myself around him in short shorts and bikinis. As the man of the house, he's forbidden to me according to the rules, but I don't care. He's honorable and refuses my innocence until danger comes to call and I almost died... 

Punishing Little Honor

Honor: I've wanted him forever, but I'm too shy to make a move. Besides, I'm certain no-one will ever want me when they discover my secret.

Razor: I'm well aware of Honor's secret. She thinks to lie to me about it, I'll teach her a lesson about lying and then I'll make her mine.

Contains very light elements of ageplay, including diapering.