Monday, July 13, 2015

We Were One Once: Book 2 by Willow Madison 5 Fantastic Stars

we were one once: book 2we were one once: book 2 by Willow Madison
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

What is the mark of a good book for me? Answer: I don’t want to put it down even long enough to eat a chocolate bar and I love me some chocolate now. What is the mark of a great book? Answer: It has the mark of a good book AND it has me thinking about it well after I have turned the last page and read the last word. The characters stay with me. The story stays with me. I carry it to bed with me and snuggle it. Then I dream about it… lol.

Willow Madison has done it again. She wrote a book that made me cry. It made me laugh. It made me thump my kindle (on a pillow, calm down, I didn’t break it, haha). It made me scream and my hubby had to give me the *look* that says, “You are a nut but I love you still.”.

Let us talk about Simon. About Miles. And Grace, my beautiful, beautiful Grace. She went through so much, she broke my heart. Simon broke my heart when he felt broken but then he rallied as I knew he would. I freaking cheered, did a little dance, too, when he got his head on straight. Miles… well, I wanted to break something of his, all right. But luckily, so did my Simon. And since my Simon is so darn good at breaking things, I’m content to let him do the job with no interference from moi.

I hope I’m not leaving spoilers here, I don’t want to spoil this treat for anyone. I enjoyed this book so darned much, I couldn’t imagine not shouting it to everyone. I truly adore Simon. He stole the show for me with how much he was willing to do for his Grace. His Red. Oh yeah, Red. She freaking ROCKS!!! I love Red, I’d have her over for dinner and a drink anytime! If she brings Simon, bonus!

Seriously though, there is one line that is located in the back of the book that takes me by the throat, the heart, even my brain and just jerks everything to a halt as I realize this is the line of dialogue that boils it all down for me into one sentence. One perfect sentence. It describes a love so beautiful I had to find a tissue just to be able to see. He had to use artificial means to get his job done but he did it for her, for his broken woman. Of course, the line was uttered by my Simon.

(There is a spoiler quote here. To view it, go to Goodreads)

Note to Simon: With that sentence, Simon, you put this reader into a frenzy. If you were real, I’d stalk your ass.

Note to Author, Willow Madison: I’d adore a short story or novella detailing you know who’s time in the cave… Just sayin!

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