Friday, June 19, 2015

About Me

So. This is my first blog post. Here, anyway. I think I may have tried to blog before, but I don't remember. I'll blame that on age.

Anyway. About me. I write erotica. Romantic erotica, really. I enjoy a good romance. I don't like filler or long drawn out description scenes, so you probably won't see that in my stories. I describe just enough, I hope, to draw a sketch.

Yeah, I'm a bit scattered, and my thoughts tend to wander, even writing a blog post. The point of this post was to inform that I write many different types of erotica. I've written stories about Sasquatch loving to Werebear loving. I write relatively tame to age play erotica. Generally, I write whatever ticks my interest at the moment.

That's about it. At least for now. I'll probably do weekly posts. Maybe more.

ETA: I should, I guess, add a link to my newest erotic romance release. So here it is. Enjoy!

Gwen Daly needed a keeper. 
Simon Walker was just the man to take her in hand. 

When Gwen had to run from the city after seeing her boss murdered by werewolves, Simon Walker was the one she ran to even though they were strangers. 

Gwen was bitten by one of the werewolves and now she is changing. Simon is an Alpha werewolf in charge of the Old Towne pack. When Gwen runs to him, he welcomes her into his pack. 

Gwen is a virgin looking for that special guy. Simon is ready to settle down but he has very particular tastes when it comes to the woman he’ll make his—he wants a woman who will be his very own baby girl. 

This erotic romance novella is intended for mature audiences only. Content includes age play, domestic discipline, bdsm, virgin first time sex, and an alpha male who intends to get his way. If such content is offensive to you, please do not buy or borrow this book.

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